Delivering A Smile With Every Shipment


Reverse Logistic

Reverse logistics is the reverse of the last mile portion of shipping. This happens when a customer decides to return a product.


In last step Logistics, we increase productivity by performing analysis with the help of detailed task log and overall driver performance metrics.

Real Time Information

Last step enables you to provide your valuable customers with the location of our Last Mile Delivery Specialist in real time and the estimated time to reach them, which is provided through an accurate and responsive tracking system.

Proof Of Delivery

In last step, fulfilling the completion requirements becomes very easy through actual in-app procedures such as notes, barcodes, signatures and images.

Increase Efficiency

We are automating all of our delivery tasks and reducing the time spent. ultimately increasing business efficiency.



LSL Ensures That Order Reach The Customer Quickly, Reliably And A Quality Services. LSL Is A Link Between The Production, Enterprises, Consumers And The Market. Customers Are Either Final Customers, Distributors Or Processors.We Provide Our Clients With High Levels Of Service, Reliability And Control Over Their Product Mobility. We Have Highly Advanced Transportation In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

Value Added Services
  • LSL value-added services tries to meet the customers' growing need or demands,improving delivery times,our facilities and warehousing services helps our customers' in the supply of finished goods. we are glad to deliver this VAS operation.
Cross Dock
  • LSL have Cross docking system where products are distributed directly from a supplier or manufacturing facilities to a customer or retail chain with no marginal handling or storage time at all.
Freight Forwarding
  • LSL use Freight forwarding method for transportation which is one of the most widely used methods of transportation for both business and personal purposes. As a forwarder, we are responsible for transporting goods between one destination and another. We specialize in organizing the entire process,
Consumer's Delivey Services
  • A reliable logistic services to the common person, by taking the orders from the portal, application and phone. We ensure a high quality and express delivery service to our customers, we assign the highest-rated and closest delivery services, ensuring that you receive the best service you can possibly get.